Changing the Game

Changing the Game is a workshop developed by Energy Crossroads. In small groups students create understanding of the energy challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us.

With help of a LEGO model of our energy production and change cards students are engaged in discussion and get a chance to build their own energy future.

Changing the Game is available in different formats. Options range anywhere between the 2-hour workshop for high-school students to a full 2-day introduction course to the European energy system.

Energy Crossroads

Energy Crossroads is a global coalition for a clean, prosperous and secure energy future. In the run-up to the 2009 climate conference in Copenhagen the “Changing the Game” workshop was developed.

When I first participated myself in 2009 I was impressed by the insight it gave me into the dilemma’s and opportunities of the world of energy. Energy crossroads equipped me with the knowledge and material to facilitate the route at schools and universities along my route. For that reason I carried 1000 LEGO bricks with me on my bicycle journey from Cape to Cape!

Book workshop

In February 2013 I finished my cycling journey to the Cape of Good Hope. In 2013 I am available to facilitate workshops in Europe (I currently live in Amsterdam). Please find my contact details here.

Standard package (high school): 

Facilitator:  Gijs Stevers

Duration: 2 to 2,5 hours (incl. 15 minute brake)

Number of participants: 5 – 25

Entry level: This workshop is best suited for students aged between 14 and 18

University package (university): 

Facilitator: Gijs Stevers

Duration: Anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days

Number of participants: 5-25 (with a possibility to extend to 50)

Entry level: The workshop will be modified according to the knowledge of the students

Download material

You can preview and download some of the material on the Energy Crossroads website and on my personal drive.


November 25th, Nkhata Bay, Malawi, Dominic (New Zealand)I harbour an interest/concern about climate change and renewable energy technologies. So it was exciting to meet Gijs, Learn about Cape to Cape 2012 and discuss energy issues in Africa and Europe. Our venue was appropriate: a resort on Lake Malawi where there were electricity blackouts every other day. 

The Lego workshop was a valuable exercise, putting you in the leader’s seat wearing a problem-solvers hat and trying to reconcile the ideal with practical realities. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange viewpoint and knowledge related to renewables but also gain more awareness of the difficulties that lie in the future

October 9th, Solar Energy Foundation, Samson (Ethiopia): “I would like to thank you for the workshop you provide the cyclers and Solar foundation group on Renewable energy. It was very helpful to understand the difference between different sources, we had lovely discussions and opinions. keep doing this, many can understand it.”

July 4th, Vienna Green Summer Academy, Luis (Costa Rica): “Success for sustainable practices requires educating the public. This workshop is a perfect example of this and a great inspiration”

June 7th, NHL, Netherlands: Thijs (Netherlands):The workshop was interesting and fun. I learned a lot, especially about all the different possibilities there are to change our energy systems and about the different sources of energy”

April 16th, Alta Norway: Magnus (Norway): ”It was a fun workshop and a fun class, I learned how easy it is to change our energy sector but also about the cost and challenges of energy production”


November 25th, Nkhata Bay, Malawi

November 12th, Kisasa Secondary School, Dodoma, Tanzania

October 9th, Cycle for Light / Solar Energy Foundation, Ethiopia

September 17th, Khartoum International Community School, Sudan

July 25th, Koprivshtitsa Summer School, Bulgaria

July 20th, Live & Act Festival, Poland

July 4th, Vienna University of Technology (Vienna Green Summer Academy)

June 26, Berufsschule Schwäbisch Gmünd; Schwäbisch Gmünd

June 25th, Robert Mayer Schule, Stuttgart

June 13th, O.R.S Lek en Linge, Culemborg, Netherlands


June 8th, Haarlem, Netherlands

June 7th, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

 April 16th, Alta Vidergående Skole