Benefits of Metal Roofing for Historic Homes

Renovating historic homes poses some extra challenges. Some homeowners may face strict regulations regarding materials and styles, while historic building commissions in other locations are more flexible.

Most homeowners don’t have to replace their existing roofs with the exact same material, which is good news for those who prioritize energy efficiency. With the right contractor, it’s perfectly possible to install an energy-efficient, long-lasting roof that won’t detract from the property’s unique, historic appeal. Read on to find out about the benefits of investing in a metal roof for a historic home.

They’re Customizable

There are a lot of misconceptions about metal roofing, but the most insidious of them is that metal can’t compete with more traditional materials when it comes to aesthetic appeal. In fact, metal roofing is quite customizable. Historic homeowners can even purchase dimensional shingles made of metal designed to mimic the appearance of the original roof, even if it was made of wood shakes, Spanish tiles, or natural stone.

They Require Less Maintenance

A historic home with a standard asphalt-shingle roof will require much more maintenance and incur more ongoing costs than one with a metal roof. Asphalt shingles can only reasonably be expected to last around two decades, at most, and they’re susceptible to storm damage. Metal dimensional shingles require less maintenance, last longer, and aren’t as likely to sustain damage during even serious storms.

They’re Long-Lasting

If properly installed, a metal roof can last 75 years or more. This helps to offset the higher initial investment incurred by hiring contractors that specialize in renovating historic buildings, freeing up more money over time to invest in other home improvements and repairs.

They’re Beautiful

Want to get inspired? Check out some home improvement articles that focus on residential metal roofing. It will dispel any lingering fears homeowners have about whether their new metal roofs will offer the same curb appeal as more traditional alternatives because well-designed and professionally installed metal roofs are actually quite beautiful.

The Bottom Line

Historical accuracy isn’t everything when it comes to maintaining an older home. Whether the property is registered as a historic building or not, homeowners may be able to maintain the same traditional style and beauty of wood shake, asphalt shingle, or natural slate roofing using metal. Just make sure to hire a contractor who specializes in renovating historic homes.