Important Differences Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

The work of Commercial Cleaning Services has distinct differences from residential cleaning service. The main differences include the size of the space to be cleaned, the frequency the work must be done, and the more labor-intensive projects. Commercial cleaners do their work in settings like offices, factories, schools and medical centers. Many businesses and institutions employ their own custodians, but others choose to hire a professional organization for daily or weekly service.

Compliance With Regulations

Commercial cleaners must keep the facilities compliant with health and safety standards set by the municipality and state. If regulations are not followed, the facility may be fined or even closed temporarily, depending on the circumstances. Businesses and institutions typically must have professional cleaners complete the projects. That is not necessary for homeowners.

Domestic cleaners do not have to follow health and safety standards in the way that commercial workers do. They follow the guidelines of their clients, which are likely to be much less stringent. A homeowner might want a thorough deep cleaning done quarterly, but that might have to be done routinely in a commercial setting. Residential clients probably don’t expect the bathrooms to be completely sanitized with bleach or other chemicals. Residential clients are usually happy with having housekeepers take care of the basics at most appointments, but that is not enough for commercial clients.

Cleaning Devices and Solutions

The cleaning devices used by commercial cleaners are generally larger and more powerful than those brought to a residential setting. Hard-surface floor scrubbers, high-powered vacuum cleaners and push brooms may be used regularly inside a business or institutional facility. Cleaning solutions also may be harsher in some settings because of the need for sanitizing. Some facilities may need industrial-sized equipment for keeping everything in tidy, spotless condition.

The Amount of Traffic

Domestic housekeeping services work in settings that have a limited number of people coming and going, and perhaps some pets. In contrast, commercial settings usually have a large number of employees, customers or other individuals coming to the premises. That means more dirt tracked in as well as bathrooms being used by many more people.