Pole Barns for Growing Indoor Vegetable Gardens

With many businesses being closed for weeks or months in 2020 and U.S. residents urged to shelter in place, people looked for productive activities they could do at home. Many started pursuing hobbies they had given up long ago or had never gotten around to trying. Gardening for a vegetable crop is one prevalent example. This became an especially valuable activity at a time when so many people were wary of frequent grocery shopping. Many kinds of vegetable plants thrive in small Pole Barns that can be constructed on an average-sized residential lot.

Considerations for Garden Sizing

Property owners can have a container garden in the building or they can focus on hydroponics. Some want to have a combination, since not all plants do well in a hydroponic system. Depending on how much time people want to spend on the project and how much room they have, they could grow hundreds or thousands of vegetable plants.

Zoning Considerations

If these homeowners live within a municipality, they will probably need a building permit for this new structure. Zoning laws may regulate how large it can be, particularly in relation to the size of the lot. Rural townships generally more relaxed rules about shed and barn sizes.


Not everyone wants such an abundant supply of vegetables. Many individuals just want enough for their household’s use and perhaps extra for family and friends. Others, however, consider having a garden stand where they sell fresh food in front of the house or even at a community farm market. Some men and women like the idea of growing enough food to donate to organizations that distribute free produce.

Possible Pole Barn Features

Many people don’t realize that large garden sheds in the pole barn style can be constructed with a broad range of features that make their appearance very attractive in a residential neighborhood. For growing vegetables, the building will need a large amount of window space to provide natural light. Numerous skylights can be included. Another option is to have garage-type doors on two ends that can be opened to bring in a great deal of sunshine.