Relying on an Injury Attorney’s Negotiation Skills and Knowledge for Case Resolution

When a person has been injured in a vehicle accident and the at-fault driver’s insurance company disputes the claim, this individual may try to think of ways to prove his or her case. Law enforcement officials may not have arrived on the scene quickly, and there may be some confusion about what actually happened. A Dallas lawyer knows which strategies for gathering evidence are effective and which are not.

Hiring an Expert Witness

Depending on the amount of compensation the injured person deserves, having an expert witness reconstruct the scene of the accident may be worthwhile. The main issue here is that these witnesses tend to charge hefty fees for their valuable services. That money would be taken from the client’s final settlement and could reduce it by a fair amount.

Taking a Polygraph Test?

The injured person might wonder if taking a polygraph test, commonly called a lie detector test, would be worthwhile. In legal cases, polygraph tests are generally only used in criminal rather than civil cases. Police officers sometimes try to convince an individual who has been brought in for questioning to take a lie detector test. An insurance company will consider the results unreliable, especially when the person who took the test is the claimant.

Avoiding Client Contact With the Insurer

After hiring an attorney, the client definitely should not contact the insurance company directly in the hopes of working out a deal. Lawyers are skilled negotiators and know what each case is worth. Claimants often make errors when talking with insurance adjusters that can undermine the case. They want to be cooperative in the hopes that the adjuster will respond positively, but that leads to making unfortunate remarks. For instance, they might admit to a certain amount of blame for the collision. They might agree that the severity of their injury may have been affected by a pre-existing condition.

Although the lawyer may have no problem discussing the client’s ideas for persuading the insurer, it’s generally most effective to let the attorney do his or her job. These individuals have the training, skills, and experience needed to know the best way to manage each case.