Signs it Is Time for Window Replacement

Windows are designed to be tough. When a homeowner invests in regular maintenance, they can have a long service life, as well. However, just like any other component of a home, they aren’t immune to wear, tear, and deterioration.

Even if a homeowner provides the highest level of care for their windows, a time will come when there will be issues in their performance or structure. At this point, window replacement is necessary. While it is possible to read a home improvement blog to find out more about when this is necessary, some other signs it is time to make this investment can be found here.

There’s a Draft

Even the newest and best windows are going to let in some air. While this is true, this draft should never reach a level that a homeowner can actually feel or notice. While a small draft may seem like a minor problem, just one drafty window can alter the temperature in a home, which makes the HVAC system have to work much harder to keep up.

This is going to affect the comfort in the living areas of a home, and result in a spike in energy costs. Sometimes, weatherstripping and caulk can help, but these are not permanent solutions. At this point, replacing the windows is the best option.

Problems Opening and Closing the Windows

If a home has older windows, especially single- or double-hung windows, they may eventually develop problems. This makes it challenging to open or close the windows. Issues related to rust or rot can make the problem worse.

There’s Condensation Between the Panes of Glass

When a home’s windows fog up and a homeowner begins to notice a large amount of condensation inside the glazing’s, it means seal failure. If the seals fail, moisture is going to enter the space that is in between the panes of glass. This will create condensation and when it is cold out, there may be frost or ice.

Don’t ignore problems with a home’s windows. If they occur, then it is best to invest in repairs or replacement. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a home’s windows can continue doing their job.