Understanding The Different Types Of Prescription Drug Offenses

Drug offenses can lead to serious penalties and extensive prison sentences according to the type of drug and how much the defendant has in their possession. Possession of any illegal drugs or medications prescribed to another party is illegal. The state of Utah hasn’t modified marijuana, and the controlled substance continues to be illegal to possess or use.

What is Prescription Forgery?

Prescription forgery involves the theft of prescription documents from a doctor where the patient wrote out their own prescription to get drugs, or the patient altered an existing prescription to get a larger quantity of the prescription medication. When charged with the offense, the patient attempted to obtain or obtained prescription medication through a fraudulent prescription. Prescription forgery is the first sign of prescription drug abuse, and it is a serious crime in the state of Utah.

Selling Fake Drugs as Prescription Medications

Unethical manufacturers who are selling drugs and passing them off as the real medication are also breaking the law. The outcome of using the drugs could lead to additional offenses if a patient dies or becomes seriously ill after taking the fake medication. Prescription drugs are manufactured by lawful pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by the FDA. Companies or individuals who are selling fake prescription medications could face federal drug charges.

Marketing Prescription Medications Without a License

Lawful pharmaceutical companies have the right to market their products to the public and to doctors. However, the medications must meet all regulations as outlined by the FDA. The marketing campaigns must provide detailed information about the medication. Unlawful advertisements won’t include these details and redirect consumers and doctors to fake medications. The advertisements are presented without proper licensing and accreditations. Advertisements for fake drugs are illegal.

Unlawful Possession or Sale of Prescription Medication

The unlawful possession or sale of prescription medications leads to serious penalties if convicted. Patients cannot dispense or sell their prescription medications to others. Anyone who is found in possession of someone else’s prescription medication faces illegal drug possession charges.

Drug offenses lead to serious penalties including fines that can exceed $100,000. Some offenses lead to life in prison depending on the circumstances of the crime. Defendants facing the charges who need legal representation can contact Aric Cramer right now.