Why Getting Pre-Approved for a Car Loan From Consumer Portfolio Services is a Wise Move

Buying a car is something nearly 17 million Americans do on a yearly basis. Finding and buying the right vehicle will require a lot of hard work and professional help. If a person is new to the world of car buying, they will need to figure out what their first move should be.

Most experts maintain that the best thing a person can do before buying a car is getting approved for a car loan. Trying to get financing through a dealership can cost a consumer lots of money, which is why using a third-party for this loan is a good idea. The following are some reasons why getting approved for a car loan before buying a vehicle is a wise move.

Negotiate From a Position of Power

One of the main reasons why a person needs to have their loan in place before going to visit a car dealer is because it provides them with a great bargaining chip. If a buyer knows exactly what they have to spend on this purchase, they can avoid haggling with the salesman over price. This information can also help a car buyer avoid getting shown vehicles that are out of their budget.

When getting financing through a dealership, you are effectively giving up the control you have over this process. Getting a loan from a third-party lender is the best way to stay on budget and avoid getting taken advantage at the dealership. Before choosing a lender to work with, a buyer needs to consider the reputation and interest rates a company has to offer.

Avoid Giving Out Sensitive Information to Multiple Lenders

When applying for a car loan through a dealership, a person will have their credit report and personal information transmitted to a number of different lenders. The more lenders this information is transmitted to, the higher the chance of identity theft occurring will become. This is why getting pre-approved from a lender before going to the car dealership is a great option.

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