Why move to the country?

One of the reasons to move to the countryside is that you will be able to have your own workshop here, which will not allow you to have a panel or apartment house, although it is true that some have workshop tables in the garage. I never really realized it, but I am truly grateful to live in a village where there is no shortage of wood and where one can repair anything in the garage or in the garden. Will you be moving?
Does the village have disadvantages?
I don't think he does. It depends on the angle of view. If one of you wants to buy a lot of food every day and it's used to picking in bulk, it's hard to find here in our village. The bus runs more or less 5 times a day, which I think is good, but if it were on my way, I would have preferred riding to the city to shop. It's nice to come. Thanks to modern times it's harder.

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